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Cartref Cymuned Cymuned is a Welsh organization devoted to bolstering impoverished Welsh communities, and advancing the Welsh language and culture. Cymuned is on the forefront of improving the human condition in Wales, and embody Welsh freedom fighting in terms of bringing happiness, health, and prosperity to the Welsh populace. More information is also available at

Such efforts as establishing more Language centers throughout Wales, and raising public awareness overseas will help protect this rich cultural heritage.


Trouble in the Motherland:
Impending Death of Welsh as a Community Language

Evidence to the United NationsAccording to the evidence submitted to the United Nations on May 27 - 31, 2002 in Geneva, Wales is currently experiencing a cultural crisis of such severity that they fall under the United Nations resolution Article 27 of The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This protects threatened minority languages and cultures. The problem is that during the past 200 years, England has never bothered to develop this vassal past agriculture and mining.

This means that Wales is now the poorest nation in the UK, and has the worst health care. The Welsh people die at an average age younger than any other Europeans. All this is on top of the threat to the language and culture.

As foreigners are lured by Wales' incredible beauty, they are buying up houses at such prices that the local native Welsh speakers just can't afford due to no real job prospects available in Wales. Without decent, affordable housing, the native Welsh speakers are leaving for other countries, taking the language with them. The foreigners are not bothering to learn Welsh, either.

It is up to us...


A Call to Community!

Don't let your cultural heritage go the way of the Picts! It is up to us - the Welsh and Welsh-related people, and anyone who cares - to make the difference. When your group signs up in any of the various ways, it becomes an affiliate group.


Lend a Hand!
Sign up for our Weekly newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date with how we are trying to rebuild the country we love.

E-bostwch ni! Cymuned North America is Cymuned's liaison in North America, with contacts in New Zealand and Australia, too. We hope to eventually establish liaisons Down Under as well as other parts of the globe. E-mail us for more information at, or


Ymwelwch visit 7Star 

PM Corporate Help
7Star PM, a native of Tucson, AZ, has been asked to act as ambassador for Cymuned North America. They are actively involved with improving the human condition, and will donate 5% of their profits to Cymuned when you buy any service offered.


Cyfrannwch! Donate! Donate!
By subscribing or donating money at Cymuned's homesite, you can help with the efforts in the Motherland. There are several options, ranging from subscribing to the newsletter, joining as a member, on by making a one-time donation.


Planning for the Future

The money raised by 7Star PM will help us get to Wales, and really will be going to the Welsh.

7Star PM plans on expanding into Wales to help establish well-paying jobs there. This has a three-fold purpose (following in the tradition of the Welsh Triads, which can be defined as an aspect of the Druidic oral tradition embodied in the Holy Trinity).

DolennauTo accomplish this goal, 7Star PM will be working with Cymuned and HELP Wales (see in conjunction with the University of Wales, Aberystwyth (see - a trinity in community effort!

This combined collaboration will allow us to offer grants, financial aid and on-the-job training in math, technology and science to native Welsh speakers. We were inspired by the success of a similar plan by our Celtic cousins in Ireland.

One of the precidents 7Star PM wishes to set is a balanced corporate culture in the UK, where the workers have enough time in their average work week to enjoy their families and their personal persuits. Currently in America, the work week is so out of balance that people have less than three hours per day to spend with their children; the time they do have is spent on the chores: cooking dinner, giving baths and putting the children to bed and does not include playing with them and nurturing them.

Not only is this detrimental to the development of the children, but those 40 - 60 hours per week are spent sitting at the desk. This has lead to an epidemic of health problems ranging from obesity to heart disease, and chronic depression to carpel tunnel syndrome.

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